nations ablaze

Freedom for leaders of
churches, businesses and nations

Apostolic and prophetic ministry

Nations Ablaze creates space for heaven to invade hearts of leaders through apostolic itinerant ministry in the power of the Holy Spirit. Sven Leeuwestein is blessed with a anointing that expresses itself through breakthrough, revival and reformation for leaders, churches and organizations.


 Nations Ablaze coaches leaders in and of churches, businesses and nations in moving forward in their spiritual landscape. Leaders experience more freedom through a combination of unique high-end coaching, deliverance and consultancy. This leads to better leaders and organisations. 

Connecting networks

Driven entrepreneurs, prayer-warriors, church leaders and politicians need to work together to see Gods Kingdom come in all of society. Sven Leeuwestein initiates, builds and stimulates kingdom connections through serving strategic networks and spiritual warfare alignments.

Coaching & Mentoring

Upcoming change agents need support and mentoring while seeking to live their Kingdom assignments. Sven Leeuwestein invests in new generations of Kingdom initiators with advice, deliverance, acces to network and impartation.      

'We felt so honoured and strengthened by this ministry. It was as if the Lord was saying "I see you and I haven't forgotten you".' 

- Swedish churchleaders

'The example of integrity and humility in the power of the Holy Spirit is what showed us true apostolic culture.'

- Leadership team

"This ministry is and will always be about starting and establishing Gods Government in people and regions."

- Arleen Westerhof

'Warrior Arise. Nation, after nation, after nation. Freedom for churches, businesses and nations, and leaders.'

- Emma Stark

'You are a father of nations. You have wisdom beyond your years. You will teach revival around the world and establish 'Bethels' that will have mayor regional impact.  

- David Wagner

About Sven Leeuwestein

With more than 20 year of full-time ministry experience under the belt, Sven Leeuwestein is a well-connected minister and coach of leaders in the Netherlands and Europe. Being know for his commitment, integrity and wisdom, Leeuwestein is passionate about seeing the body of Christ mature in both character and anointing. He loves to see the gospel of the Kingdom breakthrough in and through change agents reform every societal sphere of influence and to bring in the end-time harvest.
Leeuwestein has ministered in more than 30 nations including the USA, East-Asia and the Middle-East. His supernatural faith, apostolic-prophetic anointing and direct, down to earth communication style has led many church- and marketplace-leaders experience more freedom during platform ministry or a one-on-one meeting to move the Kingdom of God forward through their God-given destinies.       

Make breakthrough possible

Our world is a complex maze of relationships and spheres of influence. Christ commissioned His people to serve every nation with gospel of the Kingdom and disciple them to walk in the Lord's ways. He taught us to do so in and by the power of the Holy Spirit. Christ wants us to invade every sphere of society for harvest and reformation. The Nations Ablaze. Help us reach Europe and the nations. 

Maximum impact
Leaders of churches, businesses and nations play a vital role in transforming spheres of influence. In many cases these change agents bare access to the transforming Presence of God and support through coaching and sound biblical teaching on spiritual warfare and reformation. Nations Ablaze is called to humbly 'lead the leaders' and see maximum impact by the Kingdom of God. Sow into transformation. 

Grace for freedom
Dutch natives Sven and Margrethe Leeuwestein are blessed with apostolic and prophetic grace to internationally impart and establish Kingdom foundations and initiatives in the hearts of leaders and regions. They are passionate about ministering through the transforming Presence of God with a Kingdom mindset. Help build this ministry and become a monthly partner through praying and giving.